slogan silbery roofing longrun roofing manufacturer roofing repairWhen it comes to roofing – start at the top
with Silbery Roofing

From modest beginnings to becoming a heavy hitter amongst the big boys, Silbery Roofing Ltd is proud of its independent beginnings.

Silberys is one of a few family-owned independent Roll Formers still operating throughout New Zealand. Established in 1966 by Ruth and Lionel Silbery and now owned and managed by Angie Silbery-Dee (Owner) and her son Lionel Silbery Shoji (Operations Manager) and members of the NZMRA, Silberys are committed to ensuring their roofing products are manufactured with care and commitment to the Roofing Industry of New Zealand and the end user or the local community.

Silberys produce metal roofing products to withstand the elements and the test of time and have done so for 50 years.

Wellington, as a city, has its own unique but severe marine environment and steel roofing products today are manufactured to guarantee resistance to the weathering elements. Steel is 100% recyclable, and roof manufacturing is a sustainable, environmentally clean and green process.

Two company branches operate Hayes NZ designed and built roll formers and folders to produce high-quality custom-made roofing and flashings in Copper, Stainless, Aluminium, Zincalume, Galv or Pre-Painted up to 8mtr lengths.

As well as flashings, the factory produces associated roofing products such as roofing sheets, ridging, fencing, continuous spouting, commercial box gutter and ridging, making Silberys a one-stop location for all roofing needs.

Roofing accessories such as Ampelite polycarbonate roofing, Ramset screws, building paper and safety netting carry warranties of no less than 15 years and fully integrate with Silberys Roofing Systems.

Services available:

  • Specialist metal roofing profiles
  • Continuous spouting
  • Commercial, industrial, and residential specialists

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